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Every day, our factories across the globe manufacture and supply the world’s finest scaffolding products to suit the requirements of the construction, infrastructural, and industrial sectors.

We create value with our product ranges that enable us to fulfill the individual requirements of each customer.

Our range of products includes Scaffolding Tubes, Fittings or Couplers, Scaffold Boards (Wooden, LVL, Fire Retardant, and Metal), Base Plates, Base Jacks or Screw Jacks, Ladder Beams, Steel Ladders, Universal Jacks, X Beams and Lattice Beams.

We manufacture Scaffolding Systems such as DUSCAFF 360 (Ringlock) Scafflok Plus (Cup System), and Aluscaff (Aluminum & Fiberglass Scaffolding Towers and Ladders).

CE Certified Scaffolding Duscaff.png
Duscaff UKAS Certified Scaffolding Manufacturer, Ringlock.jpg

CE and UKAS Certified Scaffolding Products.
Build quality of Duscaff at the price of commercially available products.

Duscaff _ Scaffold Tubes _ Ladders _ Steel Boards _ Scaffold Boards.jpg
Duscaff Scaffolding Cuplock System Modular Scaffolding.png

Cuplock Components

Browse by System

Duscaff Cuplock Scaffolding Standard, Ledger, Transom, Base JAck, Couplers, Scaffold Tubes

Scafflok Plus

Explore the range of products

Hop Up Brackets
U-Head Jacks
Base Jacks
Base Plates


Not Available In The UK

Mobile Scaffolding Tower Platform in Dis

Aluminum & Fiberglass

Explore the range of products

Aluminum Mobile & Fixed Towers
Aluminum Ladders
Fiberglass Mobile & Fixed Towers
Fiberglass Ladders



Not Available In The UK

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